What’s Up and What’s Down

Just wanted to say hello to everyone out there. I haven’t been on much lately and wanted to explain why.

Last weekend, the boy (my son who will be The Teen soon) left for the summer to be with his mother. This is always a bittersweet time for me. On one hand with him gone it makes the house much quieter and easier for me to concentrate. On the other hand I am so used to his presence that there is suddenly this huge void in my life and it seems very, very,  very odd to have him gone.

Last weekend I put him on the plane in Vegas and then headed to an awesome gay men’s resort called The Blue Moon Resort. It was awesome! The weather was nice. Much warmer than I’m used too and ended up burning my chest. The rooms were immaculate and looked newly redone. They’re still in the process of remodeling some areas so I guess it can only get better.  Sorry, ladies, men only.

My boyfriend, the rancher, has been having a house guest for a couple weeks. A friend who has been looking for a job and in the mean time is crashing at his place. IMO, he is the House guest from Hell. I could expound for days on the moral and personal qualities of the HfH but in addition to those items his presence also seriously cutbacks on my personal time with the rancher.

Last, but not least I am currently on day four of a low carb diet. Among the many things I can’t eat are two of my favorites: Mt. Dew and beef jerky. My decision to do this wasn’t an easy one. I’ve always had a weight problem and will never be skinny. At one point I was well over 300 lbs and managed to slowly bring it back down. I was sitting at between 210 and 225 for a long time but in the past year I have been slowly gaining weight. So I decided it was now or never.

It seems the diet has affected several parts of my life. The first is moodiness. The rancher and Laura, my fruit fly (she hates being called a fag hag) have already commented on that subject. The second is my writing. This weekend I haven’t been able to put a single word to paper (or screen.) This isn’t to say I’m giving up on writing, though I have considered it from time to time.

I don’t really have anything I am currently working on thought I do have two half finished shorts. One is a contemporary I’m calling  A Moment in Time and the other is a paranormal called Through the Eyes of Evil.

Also, during my time at The Blue Moon a couple voices started talking to me–again. Jack from Wolf Moon is trying to tell me there are stories to tell in his world. I’m not sure what’s up with Jack and Derek but I am thinking his buddy Josh needs a story, and maybe even Remy and Roman.

And it appears Cristian has another story to tell. I’m just beginning to sketch out the story but I will keep you up to date.

Before I leave, a pretty picture to make you smile.

7 thoughts on “What’s Up and What’s Down

  1. Aww my sweet, I never let you quit!! And yes he is alittle moody but hell we both are, cause he is not the only one dieting, I am also trying to quit smoking too, so together we can be quite the bitchin divas. LOL. Here for you always!!

  2. Hi Ethan, nice to hear from you. Hope you get back to writing soon. Who new Mountain Dew was high carbs? Anyway sodas are empty calories. Water is much better for you.

    I can see why Laura doesn’t like the term fag hag. Surely there is a better term. Laura is no hag! hehe. I hope your rancher can eject the HfH soon so you can back to your regularly scheduled life.


    • I hope to get back to writing soon, too! Mt Dew has carbs AND sugar which is also a major no no. I’m drinking kool aid made with Splenda and that makes it easier. And Propel is awesome too.
      Yes, Laura refuses to let me call her a fag hag. The term fruit fly makes her happier and lord knows we all have to make her happy.

  3. Im so feeling ur pain at present.. i feel like im on an emotional rollercoaster, and the diet pfft or lack there of is my way of coping.. u have one child i have seven ..one of which is currently in slow labour with my first grand child!! despite all this emotional angst and much consumption of goodies off the’must not even think about’ list i came across ur books after being recommended the genre by a freind!!! If only my virtual inhalation of reading matter killed my desire for the afore mentioned goodies!! Like urself im no sylph but hope floats eternal that one day- preferably sooner rather than later since no 2 child has mentioned that a wedding cud be on the cards for setp 2012 i will discover the svelte figure before my probs arose that seemed to be no probs in my late tweens (is that a word/acronmym what ever for late teens early 20’s well if not it is now) wishing u happiness health and much sucess for the future from across the pond suzex

    • Thanks for sharing my pain! I understand the grandchild thing too. I have a 21 year old daughter who is pregnant with her second child. I’m glad a friend sent you my way? Hope you like my work? Which ones have you read?
      I want to be as skinny as possible by October when I read to New Orleans.
      Sending happiness right back at ya!
      Thanks for stopping bye.

  4. Very well done!!
    Gonna get me a shirt made up for New Orleans that say’s “Ethan Stone’s Fruit Fly”
    Hey we might even start a new trend here!!

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