An awesome new comic book…

Two things about me that you may or may not know about me.

  1. I’m a total, complete and unapologetic comic book geek.
  2. I’m gay.

I’m sure that second one is a shocker to many people.

I just love it when those two things come together. Class Comics creates some truly awesome gay erotic comics. I’ve blogged previously about The Mark of Aeacus, a comic that spoke to me so strongly that I inked myself with the book’s icon.

One of the newest publications is The Lost Kingdom. I read it last night and was totally awed. The art, the plot, the characters–they were all top rate. Excellent. Awesome. And whatever other strong adjectives you can think of.

It’s a fantasy tale of sword and sorcery. Not something I usually go for, but my socks were knocked off. The sex scene knocked off my…well I guess I shouldn’t share that.

This epic tale is an action-packed mystery bursting with eroticism and scorching mansex. It centers around the battle between the mighty Kingdoms of Piros and Paggos.

These proud peoples have maintained a senseless feud for countless years and now it’s hoped that a royal marriage will bring an end to the fighting.

And so the marriage of their two royal sons, the passionate Prince Allen and the enigmatic Princess Naiah, is planned and heralded as a catalyst to peace.

But our handsome princes may not soon live happily ever after. The evil Turgoloth, no longer content with dwelling in the shadows, crashes the wedding determined to bring to light the forgotten history of the two kingdoms.But even he doesn’t suspect that more sinister mysteries lurk in the shadows.

I do have one major complaint–it ended. I can not wait until the next issue! Hurry up guys!

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