A Few of My Favorite Things…

Actor Chad Allen is not just someone I enjoy to watch, he is someone I respect immensely. You may remember him from TV shows like Our House, My Two Dads, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and much more. He was a teen heartthrob in the ’80’s and eventually chose to come out of the closet. He is the total package: good-looking, smart, courageous, an excellent actor and just check out that smile.

He starred in several movies based on the Donald Strachey mysteries by Richard Stevenson. I thoroughly enjoyed the movies and Chad’s portrayal of the gay detective. Save Me is another favorite movie of mine. Chad stars as a gay alcoholic and drug addict who joins a rehab house that is meant not only to cure him of his addictions but also his homosexuality. It’s a touching story of both familial and romantic love.

Many of Chad’s movies are available on Netflix. Also be sure to check out his website. On his site Chad wrote a beautiful post about coming out to his parents. He is also part of The Trailblazer Campaign. Chad\’s Trailblazer Video

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